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On July 18, 2016, R.T. Foster, passed due to complications associated with his long battle with cancer and heart disease.  Therefore, no original art or commissions are currently available.  However, many of the signed and/or limited edition prints remain available.  Despite this availability, no prints are currently for sale while actions are taken to preserve R.T.'s artwork in trust.  Thank you for your continued interest in R.T.'s work and please feel free to contact us with questions, comments, or concerns.

Currently, the family is working to organize over 20 years of meticulous records regarding all the artwork R.T. painted, as well as the shows and exhibits he participated in.  While the original goal was to write a book about R.T. and his work, the scale and diversity may require some creative planning to truly capture his life and work.  Thank you for your patience and if you would be interested in a book on R.T.'s work please contact us as we have plans to build a contact information list for future books, developments, and/or new editions of previously unavailable works.