Nose Art

R.T.'s nose art reproductions began as a way of remembering the valiant planes and crews from WWII, Korea, Vietnam, and now.  However, his nose art soon expanded to include original designs for aircraft owners and interior use.

Leather Jacket Art

R.T. built on the legacy of WWI and WWII crews who adorned their leather jackets with artwork.  His works allowed clients to commemorate family and friends or express their individualism with unique hand-painted masterpieces. 

Specializing in photo realism, R.T.'s fine art was most often rendered in acrylic, ink, pencil, watercolor, and/or some combination of mediums and presented every genre from military history to North American wildlife.

Fine Art

Due to the diversity and volume of artwork by R.T. Foster, this slideshow of images will be updated each quarter.  If you have photos of R.T. working or art he created please feel free to contact us and attach a photo and we will attempt to add it to the exhibit at our earliest convenience.  Thank you to everyone for over 23 years of amazing adventures and wonderful projects.  the Foster Family

Warning: This site contains artwork, depicting nudity, which may be offensive to some viewers.