1987                        Oklahoma Waterfowl Stamp Winner

1991                        Oklahoma Waterfowl Stamp Winner

1992                        The Last Full Measure - Air Group 51 Tribute for George W. Bush Presidential Library

1993-2015                Artwork for the Annual Tulsa Fly-in

1994-1996                Oklahoma Non-Game Habitat Donor Patch Artwork

1994-2009                Artwork for the National Biplane Association Annual Fly-in

1995                        Arts Festival of Oklahoma Poster Artist

1996                        18th World Aerobatic Championship Poster Artist

1997                        Oklahoma Air National Guard 50th Anniversary Artist

1997                        50th Anniversary USAF - Tinker AFB Commemorative Print

1999                        Aerospace America Airshow Poster Artwork

2000                        Robert Johnson USAAF Commemorative Artwork - Oklahoma Capitol

2001                        U.S.S. Oklahoma, USN Commemorative Artwork - Oklahoma Capitol

2001-03                   Oklahoma Non-Game Habitat Donor Patch Artwork

2002                        45th Infantry at Pork Chop Hill, USA Commemorative Artwork - Oklahoma Capitol

2002                        60th Anniversary Doolittle Raider Reunion Commemorative Artwork

2002                        Artwork for the Bear Foundation “Service before Self” Tribute to Working Dogs

2004                        All American Girl, Pin-up Collection Volume 1

2008                        Tribute to Major General Tinker, Tinker AFB, Oklahoma Capitol

2008                        Cast a Giant Shadow – Florence Nightingale Tribute, Kramer School of Nursing

2009                        All American Girl, Pin-up Collection Volume 2, Planes with no Dames

2009                        Angel of the Battlefield – Clara Barton Tribute, Kramer School of Nursing

Major Works

In the beginning, R.T. focused his pencil and brush on commercial illustrations, wildlife art, and vehicle graphics.  From the late 1970’s, the fine art subjects of R.T.’s work varied from North American wildlife and landscapes to portraits, from classic motorcycle and automobile art to vehicle graphics, from historical aviation to Civil War battle scenes, and currently from leather jacket art to nose art.  The prolific nature of R.T.’s illustrations and fine art often seems divided into periods where a single theme will dominate his work but R.T. never limited himself to any single subject matter.  After forty years of service, R.T. retired as a visual information specialist at Tinker Air Force Base in Oklahoma and resided in Oklahoma City with his wife and family.  Samples of R.T.’s work are worldwide throughout public and private collections.  Some of his larger murals are on exhibit at Warner Robins AFB, Wright Patterson Air Logistics Headquarters, the former Oklahoma Air and Space Museum at Omniplex, and at Tinker AFB.  Prints of his works are in the collections of the Smithsonian Air and Space Museum, the Commemorative Air Force’s Air Heritage Museum, the Flight of the Phoenix Museum, and others.  In addition, four very special tributes to Oklahoma’s veterans are on display in the Oklahoma State Capitol portraying Oklahoma’s leading ace, the U.S.S. Oklahoma, the 45th Infantry, and Tinker AFB.  R.T. greatly enjoys working with veterans and their associations and hopes that his art plays a special part in the tribute and remembrance of their efforts.  He further enjoys working with environmental organizations, such as the Oklahoma Wildlife Department, to preserve nature and the beauty that is inherent in the simplest natural setting. 



About the Artist